A full-fledged ERP, with everything from invoicing to POS integration to warehouse management to forecasting.

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The iDempiere system includes a full suite of solutions to run an organization: Financials, Accounting, Procurement, Materials Management, Business Partner Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing and more. The software is intended to provide an organization with the majority of the tools needed to run all its back-end operations. Additional capabilities can be added through customization and integration. In fact, the ability to customize and extend the solution is a key advantage of the software. The code base can be modified in order to achieve the unique capabilities an organization requires.
Internationalization is supported by iDempiere. The software is global-ready, with the ability to address the needs for multiple organizations, currencies, taxes, accounting schemas and languages.



iDempiere is an open-source Java web ERP solution. It can facilitates self-service functionality for suppliers, customers and even for employees via cloud. Moreover, We can customize the framework to cater the client specific requirements as standalone plug-ins with the help of OSGI framework. We utilize OpenJDK and Postgres SQL Database technologies in parallel with all other tools which are available under Open-source license to maintain total non-proprietary aspect of the AKST powered iDempiere.

Application Dictionary

iDempiere follows a methodology called Application Dictionary which contains definitions of the entity type (type, validation, etc.) and determines how it should be rendered on User Interface. For example, labels on windows and reports, context help, sequence and position relative to other fields. Users are able to customize their user interface through Application Dictionary as well as adding new features (windows, views, etc.) with few clicks. The Application Dictionary is secured with safety access rules which can be controlled by the system administrator.

Intelligent User Interface

A consistent User Interface allows users to quickly navigate through the system even on sections unfamiliar for them.The web based User Interface allows access to the application from anywhere in the world as long as they have access for a web browser, even via mobile devices.iDempiere UI enables Zoom In function from many fields which ease the process of data entry.The query reduces the number of records in a window by using a user defining search criterias or the entry criterias in an improved Query by Example (QBE) style.The users themselves can adjust the outline of the window and can define special screens for a specific customer situation or when so required.

Intelligent Reports

Reports through the system viewer are based on the Application Dictionary and since the report viewer has access to data definitions, it natively allows Drill down and drill-across searches. Data linkages are generated automatically, adhering to security access definitions in real time. All report outputs can be previewed on screen before printing or generating files in several standard formats (eg. Excel, HTML, XML and PDF).

Drill (Drill-down) a new report is generated based on the selected entity, reports where the number is a sum of numbers or accessed from an accrued monthly to the original transaction amount.

Browse References (Drill-across) allows the user to create a new report in which a specific entity being used.

Sustainable Architecture

Business applications change over time. They need to leverage new technologies and provide additional smarter functionality. iDempiere follows Model-View-Controller design principles to create a sustainable architecture and Explicit Rules Engine for complex Transaction Logic and transaction safe fail recovery. It has an object architecture where an object is as independent as possible from other objects, including transactional derivation.

Idempiere utilize OSGI framework to extend its core features and customize the existing features to adopt the client requirements as independent plug-ins without effecting the iDempiere core itself.

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